10 Best Tips for Safe Online Banking

It’s highly like you’re already doing acta online banking, but are you doing it as effectively as possible? That is the question. While there are various methods and steps in terms of safe/secure Internet banking, here are some of the top tips:


  1. Check your savings account

Make sure to do this regularly after you’ve made an online transaction. What should you check for? Verify if the correct amount was subtracted from your bank account. If there are any discrepancies in the account amount make sure to inform the bank ASAP.


  1. Don’t share detail with any person.

Keep in mind that banks wouldn’t ask you to provide your banking info through e-mail or smartphones. So if you seem to get a phone call from a bank or an e-mail that asks for your details, never give out the info.


Only input your login ID/password at the bank’s official login page. Not only that, but it should be a secure website.


  1. Don’t log in to public CPUs

It’s important to avoid inputting your bank account info in common computers. That includes locations such as libraries and cafes. These crowded locations and there’s a greater chance of your password getting seen/traced by other people.


In the case you have to login at such places, clear the cache/browsing history when you’re done. Also, delete all temp files from the CPU. There’s more! Don’t’ allow the browser to recall your bank ID and password.


  1. Change passwords regularly

It’s important to change your password on a regular basis in order boost safety and security. It shouldn’t end there. Make sure to keep changing the password on regularly. Not only that, but the password should be confidential 100% of the time. That will help to keep your personal/company data safe from hack attacks.


These are some of the top ACTA online banking tips.